Joey Bada$$ - Waves video produced by Freddie Joachim

AWKP inductee, Freddie Joachim getting some NY Love on this smooth hip-hop production. Check out the interview we did on Freddie’s workspace here.

Cliffsnotes Update: Meet Hana May (Hearty Magazine)

Checkout our latest Cliffsnotes update with Hana May from Hearty Magazine.


My name is
Hana May, and I own and run Hearty Magazine for a living. 

I’m originally from
Van City, but currently rep NYCEE! Chinatown!
You might know me from
Hearty, or bylines in Antenna Magazine, Interview Magazine, Elle, We Are The Market’s Website.

and have done works for
Umm, I guess “Your Mom” joke isn’t the appropriate thing to put here.

On my desk, you’ll usually find:
Stacks of other people’s business cards, a wood H, hair dye, a box of receipts, to do lists, empty coffee cups.

My workspace is alway
Pretty tidy I.E. organized chaos. 

The dopest thing in it would have to be 
The Internet Router.

Without it we would have no internet. Technology, Holla!

The 1 thing I know you won’t have is
This weird plush toy that makes noise when you squeeze it that I got from my nephew. (he slobbered on it first)

Without my
window and/or bright light I can’t function. 

Being a professional is
I’m a professional?

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in this game is
Always say Thank You.

If you wanted to follow in my footsteps, I advise you to
Take the leap

If I were stranded on a

and had to bring 1 item from my desk, it would definitely be my
cell phone. S.O.S. tweets coming at ya. 

If someone stole my

I’d probably
Be really happy. 

The one thing I wish I had in my space is
More food. 

Any shout outs or links you want to list:




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Photo credit: Rafael Rios


We had the opportunity a while back to check out the RLP (REALLY LIKABLE PEOPLE) offices. RLP houses a collection of companies such as KAB (Keep a Breast), Atticus, Macbeth, and Loserkids. As cozy as it was, there was an overload of eye candy. From the Keep A Breast Cast to Tom De Long’s Marshal stacks….Check out the pictures below. More pics after the jump

9Five Eyewear Office League Video

Our friends over at 9Five Eyewear recently posted a video of some dope office mini bball antics. What probably started with a few trick shots turned into a great promo vid. Don’t forget to peep their interview here.

9five Eyewear Office League from Mike Metcalf on Vimeo.


Cliffsnotes just got updated with our interview with XXL magazine’s fashion editor, Coffey. We wanted to have a little fun with this one so we did this ‘Mad Libs' style. Enjoy. Click here to read interview.


I’ve known Coffey for a few years now, having met him through basketball. He used to live around the corner from me and also happened to be a fashion editor for this magazine called XXL. Little did I know, I’d see this guy more than I’d thought; I’d run into Coffey at our offices picking up samples, directing photoshoots/spreads, at Tradeshows in Las Vegas, on the hardwood every Wednesdays and Sundays, and even on the treadmill in the gym at 6am. He even asked me to be involved with a movie trailer he directed and wrote. Coffey has an amazing passion and work ethic for what he does. He’s also one of the most reliable people I’ve met this industry, and I can count on him to deliver on pretty much everything he says. So… of course, I asked this fool for an interview of his workplayce, and of course… he came through yet again. Enjoy…



My name is…

Coffey and I deal with lifestyle and fashion for a living. I also act and write screenplays, so pay attention to those movie screens.

I’m originally from…

Aurora, North Carolina, but currently rep Brooklyn, New York to the fullest SON! Isn’t that how they (Brooklyn peeps) say it.

You might know me from…

being XXL’s Magazine Fashion Editor. I’ve conceptualized and directed some of the magazine’s dopest fashion spreads for the past 10 years. You might also recognize me from modeling, which is how everything got started for me. Recently, I’ve been more focused on what I got my degree in (Acting) because I’ve been getting noticed for my acting talents, as well as my writing.

In my space, you’ll usually find:

Dope sneakers, Dope gadgets, Dope apparel, Scripts to memorize, Scripts to write

My workspace is always…

comfortable, and sometimes crowded with my peeps, whom I call family. It’s also filled with packages that arrive on daily basis.

The dopest thing in it would have to be…

my sneakers because I have many that’s never coming out and my collection is crazy.

Being a…

Fashion/Lifestyle Editor is a man’s dream job because everything is free and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in this game is…

to know who your friends are. In other words; learn who’s who and what’s what.

If you wanted to follow in my footsteps, I’ll advise you to be…

straight up and honest with yourself as well as the designers and PR’s because if not, you will find yourself putting some terrible apparel and products in whatever publication or website you may be working for. Luckily, I work with some dope designers, so my time frame has been great.

If I were stranded on a island and had to bring 1 item from my desk, it would be…

my pen & pad so I can write about my experience being stranded which would hopefully develop into a script, lol.

The one thing I wish I had in my space is…

more space. Based on everything that I receive daily, I’m just not sure how much space that’d be. But the one thing that I do know is that I was truly blessed with this job of mine.

Make sure to follow Coffey here:

twitter: @thatCOFFEYboy

instagram: @thatCOFFEYboy

And stay tuned for his own fashion and lifestyle website that launches in January 2012.

Publish presents the Jogger Pant Release Party

Our friends over at Publish Brand are having a release party for their Jogger Pants at streetwear megastore The Attic. DJ Sourmilk (Power 106 & L.A. Leakers) and Wendy City will be spinning! If you are from SoCal, come through!

AWKP visits 9Five Eyewear

AllWorkKnowPlay recently visited 9Five to get a fresh look at their new office and warehouse out in San Diego. We sat down with co-founders Mike and Jay for an in depth interview to talk about their history, recent collaborations and how they have successfully fused skate and eyewear.

9five logo

Some samples coming soon to a retailer near you.

These match the Retro 3’s just right.

Our office visit ended around lunch time which meant it was time for some Lolita’s. Good thing it was located right around the corner! Stay tuned for our workspace interview with 9Five Eyewear in the upcoming weeks!